How to Be Taller Naturally

As children we all go through painful periods of teasing and that’s because other children can be cruel, but not because there are necessarily problems we need to address. Having said that, lots of this teasing can be particularly upsetting and the effects can be long lasting. Those of us who have been teased about our weight, may look to control weight gain when really we are not overweight. Those of us who are a little shorter than our peers may grow up thinking we are far too short and that there is a noticeable problem that others pick up on. Nothing could be further from the truth and yet so many people spend their adult lives trying to be taller.

Of course, there are incidents were young children have been prescribed growth hormone treatments to help them get to be taller if it has been found that they are deficient in their own growth hormone production. Because of the advancements in medical science it is more than possible for children who would have otherwise suffered from severe shortness to reach an acceptable height and live their lives without fear of encountering height-related problems, and be taller without having to undergo surgery.

The situation we have described here though, is one in which children have been identified by medical professionals as failing to grow at a normal rate. Growth hormones can have great success in children that do not produce the right amount of their own treatments but they are not for children who are slightly under the average height for their age group. Because of unfortunate cultural prejudices, there are parents out there that place so much importance on getting their children to be taller in the hope that they will attain more and achieve their goals. This view point assumes that children who will not grow to an above average height will somehow fail in life when there is no reason for this to be the case. Because of the pressure that some parents with this view point put on their doctors, there are concerns that growth hormones will be prescribed for children who have no deficiency in production of their own hormones, but have parents who simply want them to be taller.

It is widely agreed that growth hormone treatments are specifically for children with identified growth problems and not for pushy parents who feel their children will be disadvantaged in life if they do not grow just a few inches taller. As with all medical treatments there are potential risks and side effects and so it stands to reason that no child should undergo unnecessary courses of treatments. Most doctors will deny a parent’s request for height increasing treatments where children have not been identified as experiencing growth problems but there are concerns that the treatment is being prescribed in cases where it is inappropriate. These parents are trying to do what’s best for their children in the belief that allowing them to be taller will help them avoid discrimination without realizing that their own attitudes are feeding into the very prejudice they are hoping to avoid. As a rule of thumb, growth hormone treatments should only ever be given in circumstances where it is needed to help the child deal with a lack of hormone production.

A safeguard that is in place to avoid this happening comes in the form of medical insurance coverage. Where children are assessed as needing the growth hormone treatment, medical insurance will cover the costs to help that child be taller, but in situations where children are not assessed as needing the treatment the parent would have to cover the costs themselves, which is not an easy financial burden to manage, with the costs of the course being relatively high.

There are options though, for children that do not reach a height that they find acceptable once they get to adulthood. There are things that even full grown adults can do to be taller. Aside from stretching exercises and posture improvements, some adults choose to try supplements in the form of products like HeightGrowth plus Grow Taller Pills in their quest to add a few inches on to their height.



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