The Ups and Downs of Being Short

How curious to think that there just might be a few advantages for those of us that are a little shorter than we might want to be. Being short might not be as bad as we think it might. It is theorised that being short may give you an increased perception of sense and sound compared to our taller counterparts. This article will look to explore exactly how this could be possible.

Firstly let’s consider the fact that we each have to ears; one on either side of our heads. For the hearing amongst us, if we think of someone clicking their fingers near our right ear we will know that we will hear it in our left at the same time. We might understand that in terms of distance it would stand to reason that our ears would hear the sound at different times due to their location when the click was made but in actuality, although their should be a delay in the point at which the left ear perceives the sound our brains make up the difference. Your brain is clever enough to create a simultaneity in your perception of sound.

This simultaneity though, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are hearing the sound at the same time as it occurred though. To understand how this can happen, it has been important to develop some theories around the phenomenon. It is thought that for the brain to make you feel as though you have picked up on the sounds at the same time, your brain must weight for the slowest signal to reach it. In this example this means that the ear that is furthest away should pick up the sound and allow that signal to reach your brain before your brain lets you hear it. This delay might only last seconds and in this example it is hard to see how being short can be beneficial, but if we take the notion that the brain waits for the last signal to reach it before it allows the person to perceive it as a sense then it is possible to imagine how being short can be advantageous.

Let’s now think about the sense of touch. If someone was to touch your nose and your toes at the same time then your brain would make you think that you had felt both touches at the same time. Your nose and toes are far away from each other though, and if we take the theory we have just discussed and assume that your brain waits for the slowest signal before it allows you to perceive the sense then your brain would perceive the sensation of touch to your toes last as this is the part that is furthest away in locality to your brain. Taking this assumption one step further, it would stand to reason that the further away your toes are from your brain, and therefore the taller you are, the longer it will take for your brain to create the feeling of simultaneity in your perception of touch. As such, being short may be no bad thing.

Think of this in terms of survival of the fittest and we can start to see how being short is not only just no bad thing, but actually quite beneficial.

This might not make you feel much better about your height and you might not view being short as the best thing in the world, but it is helpful to know that perhaps it should not be regarded as a flaw. If you are still looking for ways to overcome being short and maybe add on a few inches now that you have grown as tall as nature has allowed you, you do have some options that are open to you. Height-Growth Plus Grow Taller Pills can help you reach a height you are more comfortable with, so even if we haven’t managed to make you feel good about your height you do have some growing methods left to consider.


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